Friday, June 9

Customs vs. Creativity Vs. The Move

Things are picking up and at this very minute I have 8 orders I am working to fill. It's great to get some affirmation that people like my work. I have also had interest from a woman in France, to put my line of pet ID's in her webstore. (Keep an eye out for that)

While exciting! ... it couldn't come at a worse time. I am gearing up for my move cross country, Ohio--> Utah, in a month and a half. So I am wrapping up my orders and will have to put custom orders on hold until I get settled in out there, and have my studio in working order. ( I might need a house first, hmmm)

I have had to postpone all shows as well. This is the most heartbreaking part for me. My work gets such a better reaction when seen in person, and I really can't wait to get it shown at a couple of shows. I wish I had pushed harder to get at least one show in while I was in Ohio, but my schedule has been hectic. So it looks like by debut will have to wait for the mountains.


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