Tuesday, June 27

It's Like Cotton Candy! (without the mess)

Part of my new fiber addiction has included roving. (A cleaned and carded wool used to felt.) I have been dyeing my own roving. Once I get started I can't stop. there so many beautiful colors to make, and when they are all together it looks like a rainbow of cotton candy. I have been using my roving for needle felting and creating felt beads. They are available for purchase on my ETSY site. Here are a few samples.

Wednesday, June 21

Let's Summer Accessorize!

This new bracelet wasn't supposed to be for me, but it looks so great on that I can't seem to give it up. It has a graphic tree design on the center tile. The colors are bright and bold turquoise and green, along with brown and white. The bracelet is adorned with sterling silver jump rings, chain and clasp. But don't fret, there are more on the way!

Friday, June 16

Feeling on top of the world!

What a great feeling to have just completed 3 custom orders in the past week, and to have recieved three more orders as those were wrapping up. Here are the fruits fo my labor (mostly completed). A few more coats of selaer to go.

Friday, June 9

Customs vs. Creativity Vs. The Move

Things are picking up and at this very minute I have 8 orders I am working to fill. It's great to get some affirmation that people like my work. I have also had interest from a woman in France, to put my line of pet ID's in her webstore. (Keep an eye out for that)

While exciting! ... it couldn't come at a worse time. I am gearing up for my move cross country, Ohio--> Utah, in a month and a half. So I am wrapping up my orders and will have to put custom orders on hold until I get settled in out there, and have my studio in working order. ( I might need a house first, hmmm)

I have had to postpone all shows as well. This is the most heartbreaking part for me. My work gets such a better reaction when seen in person, and I really can't wait to get it shown at a couple of shows. I wish I had pushed harder to get at least one show in while I was in Ohio, but my schedule has been hectic. So it looks like by debut will have to wait for the mountains.